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Hospitalized Veterans need our Help

It has been brought to our attention, hospitalized veterans are not provided with some of the basic items we use regularly, unless they have money to pay for it.  So we are setting up a donation box, at the Post, to accept items that will be taken to Cheyenne VA Medical Center monthly when we deliver our fresh homemade cookies. 

Any of the following will be greatly appreciated and distributed free of charge for those who need it:


Toiletries/Personal Comfort Items   (travel size preferred)

Clothing Items 

Miscellaneous Articles


  Shaving Cream Men's briefs (New and in assorted sizes) Nail Clippers  
  Deodorant Long underwear Postage stamps  
  Tooth paste and Tooth brushes Socks (cotton or wool) Envelopes  
  Fix-a-dent or other dental adhesives Baseball Caps Pens and Pencils  
  Polident or other dental cleaners Flannel shirts Paperback books  
  Shampoo and Conditioner   20 minute phone cards  
  Emory Boards   Magazines  
  Hand and Body Lotion   Playing Cards  
  Baby Powder   DVD's and CD's  
  Aftershave (non-alcoholic preferred)   Headphones (for residents to use at night)  
  Mouthwash (non-alcoholic preferred)      

They bravely served for us, we should take care of them ....