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George Beach Post No 4.
 Fort Collins, Co 80535-0966
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"Pride of the Front Range"
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Respect Your Flag


                                                      It is Ours

I  was in the big city,
One day with my dad,
We looked in the windows,
A nice walk we had had.
The thing I remember,
The nicest of all,
Was a big ragged flag,
Flying high from a wall.
That day I remembered asking my Dad,
To whom that flag belonged,
He told of our rights, the wars, the fights,
And explained of those who wronged.
I couldn't understand what he had said,
About this cloth among the towers,
But you never saw a happier girl,
Then when Daddy said "It is Ours".
I am a little older now,
And can understand what Daddy said,
It belongs to everyone in the Nation,
The bright living and honored dead.
It has flown through peace and vengeful war,
We have never let it down,
We have fought to protect our civil rights,
Our country has gained the crown.
In defense of our loving country,
The bloodshed is shown in red,
And America's burning tears are white,
Just like my Daddy said.
The Blue field is God's great heaven,
In which it waves so proud,
Our unity is in the stars,
Old Glory is praised so loud.
Honor it, respect it,                                         
And never let it fall,
It lights the fire of freedom,
Democracy is its call.
This country will continue to prosper,
And never upon it will tread,
Because this flag is all of ours,
Just like my Daddy said.
 Cindy Jones and Denysia McCracken


 If your flag is worn or unserviceable, please bring it to the Post.  We will retire it with the honor it deserves.

These Colors do not run!