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"Pride of the Front Range"
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April 2019 Newsletter

Pride of the Front Range



VETERANS, ELECTIONS OF POST OFFICERS WILL BE HELD on April 3, 6:00 pm. IT IS YOUR LEGION, YOUR CLUB. Unless MANY of you attend this meeting and elect a full slate of officers, there is a real possibility that the club could discontinue to operate. There are rules to keep an American Legion Post going and we will follow those rules. Those rules include having a vibrant Executive Board which have certain mandatory positions filled. After three tours and health concerns, I am not a candidate for the position of Commander. There are no eligible persons for Commander who are willing to accept a small Executive Board of a couple of people. It doesn't take that much effort or time to volunteer some of your time. Show up and be COUNTED.

Dwight Miles
Post 4 Commander
Pride of the Front Range


Not a single one of us reading this is reading it by mistake. God doesn't make mistakes. Each one of us were selected to be members of George Beach Unit 4 and placed here on purpose...reading this by His plan for some good reason.

That makes us a group,! We have a mission. Yes, it is to provide support to veterans, their families and communities. But this mission is also to grow together as changes take place.

Changes that might not be easy but just might bring the unknown...God's plan for us.

Changes like receiving orders, being reassigned and having to pick up and move into the "the unknown", leaving what is personal and special behind.

Changes like being a "lifer" about to retire and face the world of becoming a civilian.

Changes like being a fighter pilot, skilled service member, maybe now too old and not skilled enough to maintain a driver's license. These are only a few examples of big changes!!

Changes like having the commander of George Beach Unit 4 step down. That's where we all come members, as partners. First to reach out and thank a man (and his wife) for years of dedication to this unit: Dwight Miles you have served us well. From the Vets, Son's and Ladies we are proud to have had you as our leader, our commander. Jean it may not have been said enough but so obvious you are Dwight's right hand lady. You both did an impressive job and we thank you.

Second, getting to the change part of this, the part that we are all involved in: We are about to have a new commander. It is my prayer that each of us in our own way (big or small) searches our soul to figure out our role, how do we as partners stand beside (not aside) a new commander?

The Good Lord placed us here together, reassured us that "I can do all things through Him who strengthens us." Philippians 4:13. The "I" part of that verse refers to each member and the "us" part refers to us as partners. The Good Lord guided our selection of new commander, he can't do this alone, he can't lead unless there are those to be led!!! I pray and hope you each will too...for God's blessings on this transition and finding out together just how strong this American Legion unit can become.

Marlis Lane
Ladies Auxiliary Chaplain

        SONS NEWS             


Great food, music and company were had by those attending our American Legion 100th birthday party! A big thanks to all the fine folks who put it together. A well represented SAL squadron topped it off. Good show guys!

Jerry Swann, this great nation is, because of people like YOU! A dual SAL member and a go to guy any time we needed direction. Jerry, you will be missed.

We have several membership cards at the bar. Let's pick em' up. We mail them only if requested. If you haven't renewed for 2019, why not?

Start the next 100 right. GET INVOLVED! Make yourself worthy of being a SAL member. Election meeting is April 17@1800 hrs.

Tony Souders
S.A.L. Commander

AUX News

March has been a very busy month for the Ladies of the Auxiliary! I assured the Commander that the Auxiliary would help with the 100th anniversary party and did we ever! I would like to thank Marlis Lane, Beth Adric, Sue Wendrick, Renaie Day, Traci Hale and Susan Brand for stepping up. They helped in many areas including, but not limited to; planning, purchasing, decorating, serving, photography, greeting and clean-up. It was a wonderful day for our Veterans, and we put on a great event! Our next fun thing is our Soup Supper on the 30th of March. Hope we get a lot of soups and some hungry folks to eat it all up. Only $5 for all you want to eat, and it goes to a great cause- your Post 4 Auxiliary.

Next month our meeting is on April 3rd. We have the nomination of new officers, the initiation of new members and the draping of the Charter. We hope to have a good turnout and we would welcome anyone who would like to become an officer of the Auxiliary. If you cannot make it to a meeting, you can still make cookies or help with special events. There is always a place for volunteers!

May is Poppy month, so on May 23rd we will have a poppy FUNDraiser at Painting with a Twist. You may sign up for this event at the Legion or through an auxiliary member or call Traci, our Poppy Chair at 970-617-4197. The last time we did this it was a blast, so grab your peeps and come have some fun! If you want more info on it here is the link:

We have a new Games Manager for Bingo!!! Traci Hale has stepped up to help us out and now we have three ladies with their license- Sabra, Traci and me. That is wonderful! We have been having a lot of fun at bingo and hope everyone will come out and play! Our last bingo before summer is May 19th, the week before Memorial Day. See you at our next meeting!!

Patty Bishop
Ambassador of Fun and Auxiliary Vice President

 S. A. L. Adjutant News  


I have been getting questions from members as to why they are receiving post cards reminding them to renew their memberships, even though they already did two or three months ago. I can't explain why these 2019 reminders are arriving so late. Remember, these post cards and membership cards originate at National Headquarters in Indianapolis. The membership cards go through detachment (state level) before they finally get in our hands, usually the end of June. If you paid for your 2020 cards already, you will not receive them at least until the end of June. Also, if you are a new member and you paid your dues after early April, you probably will not get a pre-printed card the following year.

We also have 2019 cards behind the bar waiting to be picked up. Some of them have there since early November. The sooner you pick up your cards, the better!!!! Due to the cost, I mail cards only on request.

Terry Hartfield
S.A.L. Adjutant

 From the Manager

Reminder Easter Party April 20

 Fort Collins All-Veterans Honor Guard

We have had another very busy month, we have done several funerals, our volunteers have committed to approximately 193 total man hours and have covered 1540 total collective miles. Way to go guys! Fortunately, we have missed all the bad weather.

Any members of the American Legion family who are interested in joining, call Curt Cameron at (970) 484-2310 or Terry Hartfield at (970) 219-4546.

Thanks again for the great work.

 Terry Hartfield
 Honor Guard

Legion Riders

The American Legion Post 4 is forming a Legion Riders Chapter - for more information contact Andy Werner 970-689-4239.